Special time

Would you like to do really important step in your life, but you don´t know how to do it? You have only one wish – stay with your great girlfriend all life together and you would like to married her? We can help you, because we can prepare great marriage proposal, so you will be her king! Would you like to take her on magic place, you would like to surprise her and take her on chateau? You can have luxury room, where you pass great procedures like aromatic bath or nice massages. You will feel great, because we assure you the best menu on your table and your dinner will be so tasty. Then you can use observatory and look at beautiful stars.

Everything for you

Everyone should know something special and this is great occasion. You can pass something original and great, because if you would like to ask her for important question, you should be on the right place. If you don´t want any luxury chateau or comfortable limousine, you can tell us your dream and we will prepare individual proposal. Would you like prepare your favourite park for special occasion or maybe you would like stay in favourite restaurant, everything is on you!